University of North Texas Math Conference

University of North Texas


  • Sunday, May 25
    2-3pm Michael Lyubich Renormalization in the Henon Family
    3-3:30 Lukas Geyer Linearization at irrationally indifferent fixed points
    3:30-4 Michal Misiurewicz Bowen`s entropy, Hausdorff dimension and Lipschitz constant
    4-4:30 Alexander Blokh Attractors for graph-critical rational maps (joint with M. Misiurewicz)
    4:30-5 Amadeu Delshams Orbits of unbounded energy in generic quasi-periodic perturbations of geodesic flows of certain manifolds
    5-5:30 Michael Sullivan Linking of minimal sets
    5:30-6 Pawel Pilarczyk Algorithmic Homology Computation and the Conley Index
  • Monday, May 26
    8:30-9:30 Lai-Sang Young A theroy of rank one attractors, Part I
    9:30-10 Zoltan Buczolich Convergent and divergent ergodic averages
    10-10:30 Coffee  
    10:30-11 Zhaosheng Feng On Traveling Wave Solutions and Proper Solutions To the Two-Dimensional Burgers-Korteweg-de Vries Equation
    11-11:30 Tomasz Downarowicz Entropy of a doubly stochastic operator - uniqueness of a good definition
    11:30-12 Phillip Boyland Topological obstructions for Dynamics of Fluid Flows
    12-12:30pm Ellina Grigorieva On Construction and Properties of Attainable Sets of a Dynamical Microeconomic Model
    12:30-2 Break  
    2-2:30 Maciej P. Wojtkowski Rigidity of some Weyl manifolds with nonpositive sectional curvature
    2:30-3 Bernd O. Stratmann The Geometry of Kleinian Limit Sets
    3-3:30 Robert Kallman A Question of Ulam on the Full Permutation Group of the Natural Numbers
    3:30-4 Lorenzo Sadun Deformations of Substitution Tiling Spaces
    4-4:30 Karl Petersen Sideways Symbolic Dynamics
    4:30-5 Manav Das IFS of finite type
    5-5:30 Charles Holton Unique desubstitution for substitution tilings
    5:30-6 Robbert Fokkink Doubly asymptotic leaves in 1D hyperbolic attractors
  • Tuesday, May 27
    8:30-9:30 Lai-Sang Young A theroy of rank one attractors, Part II
    9:30-10 Anna Zdunik Conformal, invariant and Hausdorff measures for the exponential family
    10-10:30 Coffee  
    10:30-11 Christian Wolf Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms in the Henon family
    11-11:30 Eugen Mihailescu Dynamics of holomorphic maps on projective spaces
    11:30-12 Janina Kotus Geometry and Ergodic Theory of non-recurrent Elliptic Functions
    12-12:30pm Linda Keen Degenerate domains for Random Iterated Function Systems
    12:30-2 Break  
    2-2:30 Jane Hawkins Parametrized Dynamics of Weierstrass Elliptic P Functions
    2:30-3 Nicolai Haydn The Distribution of the Measure of Cylindersets for Non-Gibbsian Measures
    3-3:30 Roland Gunesch Counting periodic orbits of the geodesic flow
    3:30-4 John Mayer Indecomposable continua and the Julia sets of polynomials, II
    4-4:30 Jaroslav Smital The classification of triangular maps with zero topological entropy
    4:30-5 Diana Aldea Mendes Kneading theory for two-dimensional skew-product maps
    5-5:30 Meiyu Su Laminations for Hyperbolic Measures
    5:30-6 Michel Zinsmeister Some remarks on laplacian growth
  • Wednesday, May 28
    8:30-9:30 Rafael de la Llave Geometric mechanisms for instability in Hamiltonian systems
    9:30-10 Lex Oversteegen On minimal maps of 2-manifolds
    10-10:30 Coffee  
    10:30-11 J. Leonel Rocha Computing Hausdorff dimensions and escape rates
    11-11:30 Andrzej Bis Modelling minimal foliated spaces with positive entropy
    11:30-12 Jorge Duarte Topological invariants in forced piecewise-linear Fitzhugh-Nagumo-like systems
    12-12:30pm Lois Kailhofer A classification of inverse limit spaces of tent maps with periodic critical points
    12:30-2 Break  
    2-3 Carlangelo Liverani Strong statistical properties of Geodesic flows in negative curvature
    3-3:30 Dmitry Kleinbock Bounded geodesics in moduli space
    3:30-4 Petra Sindelarova Proof of a conjecture on omega-limit sets for a continuous zero toppological entropy map of the unit interval
    4-4:30 Ilie Ugarcovici On admissible geometric codes for geodesics on the modular surface
    4:30-5 Alexei Cheviakov New exact non-symmetric 3D MHD equilibria
    5-5:30 Bill Basener Transverse Disks, Prime Knots, and Nielson Theory
    5:30-6 James Keesling Adding Machines in the Quadratic Family of Functions
  • Thursday, May 29
    8:30-9:30 Krystyna Kuperberg Local modifications of continuous flows
    9:30-10 Klaudiusz Wojcik Discrete Conley index criterion for chaos
    10-10:30 Coffee  
    10:30-11 J.T. Halbert The Dynamics of a Taffy-Pulling Machine
    11-11:30 Yong Hou Rigidity of Low Dimensional Group Action
    11:30-12 Jun Hu Monotonicity of entropy and Ruelle operator
    12-12:30pm Roman Hric Characterization of minimal sets and nonhomogeneous minimal sets
    12:30-2 Break  
    2-2:30 Sergey Bezuglyi Topologies on groups of transformations in Borel and Cantor dynamics
    2:30-3 Jianzhong Su Dynamics of elliptic bursting
    3-3:30 Primitivo Belen Acosta-Humanez Homomorphism in some discreet dynamical systems
    3:30-4 Torsten Lindstrom On the dynamics of discrete food-chains: low- and high frequency behavior and optimality of chaos
    4-4:30 Subbiah Parthasarathy On the multiple-period-doubling bifurcation route to chaos in discrete population dynamical models under seasonal migration