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No Participant & Affiliation Title of Talk
1 Primitivo Belén Acosta-Humánez
Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz - FUKL
Homomorphism in some discreet dynamical systems

2 Diana Aldea Mendes
ISCTE Lisbon
Kneading theory for two-dimensional skew-product maps

3 Bill Basener
Rochester Institute of Technology
Transverse Disks, Prime Knots, and Nielson Theory

4 Sergey Bezuglyi
University of New South Wales (Sydney), Institute for Low Temperature Physics (Kharkov)
Topologies on groups of transformations in Borel and Cantor dynamics.

5 Andrzej Bis
University of Lodz, Poland
Modelling minimal foliated spaces with positive entropy

6 Alexander Blokh
Attractors for graph-critical rational maps (joint with M. Misiurewicz)

7 Phillip Boyland
University of Florida
Topological obstructions for Dynamics of Fluid Flows

8 Zoltan Buczolich
UNT and Eotvos University, Budapest
Convergent and divergent ergodic averages

9 Alexei Cheviakov
Queen's University at Kingston
New exact non-symmetric 3D MHD equilibria

10 Manav Das
University of Louisville
IFS of finite type

11 Rafael de la Llave
Univ. of Texas at Austin
Geometric mechanisms for instability in Hamiltonian systems

12 Amadeu Delshams
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona)
Orbits of unbounded energy in generic quasi-periodic perturbations of geodesic flows of certain manifolds

13 Tomasz Downarowicz
Wroclaw University of Technology
Entropy of a doubly stochastic operator - uniqueness of a good definition.

14 Jorge Duarte
ISEL Lisbon
Topological invariants in forced piecewise-linear Fitzhugh-Nagumo-like systems

15 Zhaosheng Feng
Texas A&M University
On Traveling Wave Solutions and Proper Solutions To the Two-Dimensional Burgers-Korteweg-de Vries Equation

16 Robbert Fokkink
Delft University
Doubly asymptotic leaves in 1D hyperbolic attractors

17 Lukas Geyer
University of Michigan
Linearization at irrationally indifferent fixed points

18 Ellina Grigorieva
On Construction and Properties of Attainable Sets of a Dynamical Microeconomic Model

19 Roland Gunesch
University of Leipzig
Counting periodic orbits of the geodesic flow

20 J.T. Halbert
University of Maryland, College Park
The Dynamics of a Taffy-Pulling Machine

21 Jane Hawkins
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Parametrized Dynamics of Weierstrass Elliptic P Functions

22 Nicolai Haydn
University of Southern California
The Distribution of the Measure of Cylindersets for Non-Gibbsian Measures

23 Charles Holton
University of Texas at Austin
Unique desubstitution for substitution tilings

24 Yong Hou
University of Iowa
Rigidity of Low Dimensional Group Action

25 Roman Hric
Matej Bel University, Slovakia and Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal
Characterization of minimal sets and nonhomogeneous minimal sets

26 Jun Hu
The City Univ. of New York
Monotonicity of entropy and Ruelle operator

27 Lois Kailhofer
Alverno College
A classification of inverse limit spaces of tent maps with periodic critical points

28 Robert Kallman
University of North Texas
A Question of Ulam on the Full Permutation Group of the Natural Numbers

29 Linda Keen
Lehman College and Graduate Center, CUNY
Degenerate domains for Random Iterated Function Systems

30 James Keesling
University of Florida
Adding Machines in the Quadratic Family of Functions

31 Dmitry Kleinbock
Brandeis University
Bounded geodesics in moduli space

32 Janina Kotus
Warsaw University of Technology
Geometry and Ergodic Theory of non-recurrent Elliptic Functions

33 Krystyna Kuperberg
Auburn University
Local modifications of continuous flows

34 Torsten Lindström
University of Kalmar, 39182 Kalmar
On the dynamics of discrete food-chains: low- and high frequency behavior and optimality of chaos

35 Carlangelo Liverani
University of Rome ``Tor vergata"
Strong statistical properties of Geodesic flows in negative curvature

36 Mikhail Lyubich
Stony Brook
Renormalization in the Henon Family

37 John Mayer
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
Indecomposable continua and the Julia sets of polynomials, II

38 Eugen Mihailescu
Dynamics of holomorphic maps on projective spaces

39 Michal Misiurewicz
Bowen`s entropy, Hausdorff dimension and Lipschitz constant

40 Lex Oversteegen
UAB Birmingham
On minimal maps of 2-manifolds

41 Subbiah Parthasarathy
Regional Engg. College, Tiruchirappalli
On the multiple-period-doubling bifurcation route to chaos in discrete population dynamical models under seasonal migration

42 Karl Petersen
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sideways Symbolic Dynamics

43 Pawel Pilarczyk
Jagiellonian University (Krakow) and Georgia Tech (Atlanta)
Algorithmic Homology Computation and the Conley Index

44 J. Leonel Rocha
Inst. Sup. Eng. Lisboa
Computing Hausdorff dimensions and escape rates

45 Lorenzo Sadun
University of Texas
Deformations of Substitution Tiling Spaces

46 Petra Sindelarova
Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic
Proof of a conjecture on omega-limit sets for a continuous zero toppological entropy map of the unit interval

47 Jaroslav Smital
Mathematical Institute, Silesian University, Opava, Czech Republic
The classification of triangular maps with zero topological entropy

48 Bernd O. Stratmann
University of St Andrews, Scotland
The Geometry of Kleinian Limit Sets

49 Jianzhong Su
University of Texas at Arlington
Dynamics of elliptic bursting

50 Meiyu Su
Long Island University, Brooklyn
Laminations for Hyperbolic Measures

51 Mike Sullivan
Linking of minimal sets

52 Ilie Ugarcovici
Penn State University
On admissible geometric codes for geodesics on the modular surface

53 Klaudiusz Wojcik
Auburn University and Jagiellonian University
Discrete Conley index criterion for chaos.

54 Maciej P. Wojtkowski
University of Arizona
Rigidity of some Weyl manifolds with nonpositive sectional curvature

55 Christian Wolf
Wichita State University
Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms in the Henon family

56 Lai-Sang Young
Courant Institute
A theroy of rank one attractors, Part I

57 Lai-Sang Young
Courant Institute
A theory of rank one attractors, Part II

58 Anna Zdunik
Warsaw University, Poland
Conformal, invariant and Hausdorff measures for the exponential family.

59 Michel Zinsmeister
Univ Orleans
Some remarks on laplacian growth

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